Useful Websites

Neotoma Paleoecology Database:

Virtual comparative specimens:

Sites to buy skeletons and casts:

Zooarchaeological organizations:

Alaska Consortium of Zooarchaeologists –

Archeozoo –

International Council for ArchaeoZoology

Bone Commons (ICAZ) –

Anthropological organizations:

Alaska Anthropological Association –

Society for American Archaeology –

American Anthropological Association –

Society of Ethnobiology –

World Atlatl Association –

Paleopathology Association –

American Association of Physical Anthropologists –

One thought on “Useful Websites

  1. Hi everybody,

    I am Adrià Millán, director of archaeoBarcelona, an affiliated institution at University of Barcelona. We offer archaeology fieldwork and cultural tours. We also give university credit in arrangement of each participant’s college. To know about our current projects take a look at

    We only work with important, differenciated and consolidated projects. Our current project is part of the European Project POCTEFA, where we are using innovative technology in the world of archaeology.

    Hope you will be interested in the projects that we represent.

    Thanks to The Ossiferous Arctic and everybody!

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