Papers on Skeletal Measurements

Below are listed articles and books dealing with useful measurements of skeletal elements of Arctic species:

Brunner, S. 2000. Cranial morphometrics of the fur seals and sea lions (family Otariidae): Systematics, geographic variation and growth. PhD Thesis, University of Sydney.

Ericson, P. G. P., and J. Stora. 1999. A manual to the skeletal measurements of the seal genera Halichoerus and Phoca (Mammalia: Pinnipedia). Department of Vertebrate Zoology, Swedish Museum of Natural History. Stockholm, Stencil.

Etnier, M. A. 2002. The effects of human hunting on northern fur seal (Callorhinus ursinus) migration and breeding distributions in the late Holocene. PhD Thesis, University of Washington.          [Ch. 2 – “Modeling bone growth in northern fur seals (Callorhinus ursinus)”]

Gerlach, C., George, J. C., and R. Suydam. 1993. Bowhead Whale (Balaena mysticetus) Length Estimations Based on Scapula Measurements. Arctic 46(1):55-59.

Hattori, K., Burdin, A. M., Suzuki, M., and N. Ohtaishi. 2003. Age-related Change and Allometry of Skull and Canine of Sea Otters, Enhydra lutris. Journal of Vetrinary Medical Science 65(4):439-447.

Kemper, C. M. and P. Leppard. 1999. Estimating body length of pygmy right whales (Caperea marginata) from measurements of the skeleton and baleen. Marine Mammal Science 15(3):683-700.            [not an Arctic species, but might be helpful…]

Morrison, D. and P. Whitridge. 1997. Estimating the Age and Sex of Caribou from Mandibular Measurements. Journal of Archaeological Science 24:1093-1106.

Orchard, T. J. 2003. An Application of the Linear Regression Technique for Determining Length and Weight of Six Fish Taxa: The role of selected fish species in Aleut paleodiet. BAR International Series 1172.

Spiess, A. E. 1979. Reindeer and Caribou Hunters: An Archaeological Study. Academic Press, New York.          [Ch. 3 – “Caribou Zooarchaeology”]

Von den Driesch, A. 1976. A Guide to the Measurement of Animal Bones from Archaeological Sites. Peabody Museum Bulletin 1. Harvard University.


One thought on “Papers on Skeletal Measurements

  1. Hi,

    I know its not listed but are you aware of any books or papers relating to measurements of bison bison or bos taurus fauna?

    Thanks in advance!

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