Books on Vertebrate Phenology

Below is a list of helpful books with life history information on various Arctic birds, fishes and animals (ordered by date published):



MacDonald, S. O. and J. A. Cook. 2007. Mammals and Amphibians of Southeast AlaskaMuseum of Southwestern Biology – Special Publication No. 8. University of New Mexico

Wynne, K. 2007. Guide to Marine Mammals of Alaska, 3rd ed. Sea Grant.

MacDonald, S. O. and J. A. Cook. 2009. Recent Mammals of Alaska.  University of Alaska Press.

Tinker, S. W. 1988. Whales of the World. E. J. Brill: Leiden.

King, J. E. 1983. Seals of the world, 2nd edition. Cornell University Press.

Rearden, J. (ed). 1981. Alaska Mammals. Alaska Geographic.

Murie, A. 1962. Mammals of Mount McKinley National Park, Alaska. Pisani Printing Company, San Francisco.

Murie, O. J. 1959. Fauna of the Aleutian Islands and Alaska PeninsulaNorth American Fauna – No. 61. Fish and Wildlife Service.                                                            [This book also includes “Invertebrates and Fishes Collected in the Aleutians, 1936-38” by V. B. Scheffer]



Gibson, D. D. and G. V. Byrd. 2007. Birds of the Aleutian Islands, Alaska. Series in Ornithology, No. 1. The Nuttall Ornithological Club & The American Ornithologists’ Union.

Petersen, M. R., Weir, D. N. and M. H. Dick. 1991. Birds of the Kilbuck and Ahklun Mountain Region, AlaskaNorth American Fauna, No. 76. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Kessel, B. 1989. Birds of the Seward Peninsula, Alaska. University of Alaska Press.

Bellrose, F. C. 1976. Ducks, Geese & Swans of North America. Stackpole Books.

Isleib, M. E. and B. Kessel. 1973. Birds of the North Gulf Coast – Prince William Sound Region, AlaskaBiological Papers of the University of Alaska, No. 14. University of Alaska Press.

Bent, A. C. 1961 [1938]. Life Histories of North American Birds of Prey, Part Two. Dover Publications, Inc.                                                                                                     [hawks, falcons, caracars, owls]

Bent, A. C.  1962 [1929]. Life Histories of North American Shore Birds, Part Two. Dover Publications, Inc.                                                                                                       [willets, plovers, tattlers, curlews, oyster catchers, etc]

Bent, A. C. 1962 [1927]. Life Histories of North American Shore Birds, Part One. Dover Publications, Inc.                                                                                                        [woodcocks, sandpipers, godwits, snipes, phalaropes, etc]

Bent, A. C. 1987 [1923 & 1925]. Life Histories of North American Wild Fowl, Parts One & Two. Dover Publications, Inc.                                                                             [ducks, geese, teals, mergansers, eiders, swans, scoters, etc…]

Bent, A. C. 1963 [1921]. Life Histories of North American Gulls and Terns. Dover Publications, Inc.                                                                                                                     [skuas, jaegers, kittiwakes, gulls, terns, noddies]

Bent, A. C. 1963 [1919]. Life Histories of North American Diving Birds. Dover Publications, Inc.                                                                                                                           [auks, grebes, auklets, guillemots, loons]



Lamb, A. and P. Edgell. 2010. Coastal Fishes of the Pacific Northwest, 2nd ed. Harbour Publishing.

Mecklenburg, C. W., Mecklenburg, T. A., and L. K. Thorsteinson. 2002. Fishes of Alaska. American Fisheries Society.

Kessler, D. W. 1985. Alaska’s Saltwater Fishes and Other Sea Life. Alaska Northwest Publishing Co.

Morrow, J. E. 1980. The Freshwater Fishes of Alaska. Alaska Northwest Publishing Co.

Evermann, B. W., and E. L. Goldsborough. 2012 [1907]. The Fishes of Alaska. U.S. Government Printing Office.

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