Books on Archaeological Ethics

Below are books and articles on some of the ethical issues involved in archaeology (ordered by date published):


Colwell-Chanthaphonh, C., Hollowell, J., and D. McGill. 2008. Ethics in Action: Case Studies in Archaeological Dilemmas. The SAA Press.

Hamilakis, Y., and P. Duke. 2007. Archaeology and Capitalism: From Ethics to Politics. Left Coast Press.

Balachandran, S. 2007. Edge of an Ethical DilemmaArchaeology 60(6):18-6.

Vitelli, K. D. and C. Colwell-Chanthaphonh. 2006. Archaeological Ethics. 2nd ed. AltaMira Press.

Scarre, C. and G. Scarre (eds). 2006. The Ethics of Archaeology: Philosophical Perspectives on Archaeological Practice. Cambridge University Press.

Robson, E., Treadwell, L., and C. Gosden (eds). 2006. Who Owns Objects?: The Ethics and Politics of Collecting Cultural Artefacts. Oxbow Books.

Watkins, J. 2005. Through Wary Eyes: Indigenous Perspectives on ArchaeologyAnnual Review of Anthropology 43:429-449.

Zimmerman, L. J., Vitelli, K. D., and J. Hollowell-Zimmer (eds). 2003. Ethical Issues in Archaeology. AltaMira Press.

Fine-Dare, K. S. 2002. Grave Injustice: The American Indian Repatriation Movement and NAGPRA. University of Nebraska Press.

Thomas, D. H. and V. Deloria, Jr. 2001. Skull Wars: Kennewick Man, Archaeology, and the Battle for Native American Identity. Basic Books.

Renfrew, C. 2000. Loot, Legitimacy, and Ownership: The Ethical Crisis in Archaeology. Bristol Classical Press.

Lynott, M. J. and A. Wylie (eds). 2000. Ethics in American Archaeology, 2nd ed. The SAA Press.

Pluciennik, M. (ed). 2001. The Responsibilities of Archaeologists: Archaeology and Ethics. Lampeter Workshop in Archaeology 4. BAR International Series 981: Oxford.

Zimmermann, L. J. 1998. When data become people: archaeological ethics, reburial, and the past as public heritageInternational Journal of Cultural Property 7:69-86.

Matsuda, D. 1998. The ethics of archaeology, subsistence digging, and artifact looting in Latin AmericaInternational Journal of Cultural Property 7:87-97.

Lynott, M. J. 1997. Ethical Principles and Archaeological Practice: Development of an Ethics PolicyAmerican Antiquity 62(4):589-599.

Wylie, A. 1996. Ethical Dilemmas in Archaeological Practice: Looting, Repatriation, Stewardship, and the (Trans)formation of Disciplinary IdentityPerspectives on Science 4(2):154-194.

Vitelli, K. D. (ed). 1996. Archaeological Ethics: Readings from Archaeology magazine. Altamira Press.

Wood, J. J., and S. Powell. 1993. An Ethos for Archaeological PracticeHuman Organization 52(4):405-413.

Meighan, C. W. 1986. Archaeology and Anthropological Ethics. Wormwood Press.

Green, E. L. (ed). 1984. Ethics and Values in Archaeology. The Free Press: New York.

King, Thomas F. 1983. Professional Responsibility in Public ArchaeologyAnnual Review of Anthropology 12:143-164.

Champe, J. L., D. S Byers, C. Evans, A. K. Guthe, H.W. Hamilton, E. B. Jelks, C. W. Meighan,S. Olafson, G. S. Quimby, W. Smith, and F. Wendorf. 1961. Ethics for ArchaeologyAmerican Antiquity 27:137-139.



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