2013 ACZ Workshop

Hello everyone!  Apologies that I haven’t posted anything recently – my New Year’s resolution was to post at least twice a month… but that hasn’t happened (like most New Year’s resolutions).  Regardless, I want all of you to know about the great workshop that the Alaska Consortium of Zooarchaeologists will be holding on March 13th during the Alaska Anthropological Association (aaa) Annual Meeting in Anchorage:

Archaeological Data Management and Research using tDAR and Neotoma/ Discussion of Faunal Collection and Curation

The workshop will be divided into two sessions.  During the first session, Leigh Anne Ellison (Center for Digital Antiquity) and Michael Etnier (Dept. of Anthropology, University of Washington) will discuss the growing use of digital archaeological data.  They will lead discussions on what digital archaeological data are, how they are generated, digital preservation/curation techniques, and related federal laws and regulations.  Ellison will talk about the importance of the Digital Archaeological Record (tDAR, http://core.tdar.org) and how to use it, while Etnier will discuss the Neotoma Paleoecology Internet Database and Community for Tracking Archaeofauna Assemblages from Alaska.  The second session will provide examples and an open forum for discussion of best practices in faunal collection, research design, and curation. 

To register for the workshop, please sign up through the ACZ website at
http://www.akzooarch.org/registration.html.  Costs are $40 for professionals and $15 for students (until March 8th, after which price increases by $5).

Hope to see you there!


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