Summer Update

Well, I have a bunch of subjects that I’d like to research and blog about, but unfortunately ’tis the field season, and I am booked!  I’m off to Grayling next week, then back for a  kid’s archaeology camp, then Sand Point and Dutch Harbor, then Kiana and Noorvik… and then at some point Upper and Lower Kalskag, Kaktovik, and others (which I’m all very excited about, as most of them are new places for me!).  I’ll be back when I can with blogs about (hopefully) interesting things… I want to talk about radiocarbon dating bone in the Arctic, ivory/bone/antler differentiation, gnawmark differentiation, and animal counts.  I’d also like to tell you about a couple more  interesting books that have lovely little ethnozoological tidbits.  We all dream big, though, don’t we?  I’ll be back at some point.  I hope all of you are enjoying your field seasons and the lengthening days as much as I am!


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